I am interested in exploring the fundamentals of form within the parameters of the functional vessel. I strive to engage the viewer in an intimate moment by accentuating the elements of a pot which speak to our humanity, those intrinsic distinctions which have led to the descriptors: foot, lip, shoulder, etc. Pottery occupies a unique place in our subconscious because of its subtle pervasiveness in our lives, and as a maker I take seriously the opportunity to engage the viewer with those objects. But, though they surround us, it is with rarity that they capture our imagination or contemplation. Since ceramics’ traditional role as ‘the’ material of the domestic setting is waning due to an abundance of superior or convenient materials it must appeal to our other, less pragmatic, faculties. It is within this context that I create forms, which in their dynamism, become personifications, and lead the viewer to develop an affinity for the simple, inanimate object.