I did not begin walking or talking until the age of five. During that time I was a mental prisoner of my body. My earliest formative years were spent trapped in front of a television set. Because of this, I feel compelled to break away from the limitations of the screen.

I need something shiny and glitzy to grab my ‘deficited’ attention. Like the Internet, I get bored very quickly. I’ve been on Adderall for fifteen years and was placed in all the “special classes” during school because nobody knew how to reach me.  My New Media art practice has been shaped by ADD— I can’t even sit still at movies, so standing in front of a painting, photograph, or sculpture for more than a few seconds is torturous and nearly impossible.

Now that so much communication and creativity is screen-based, I want to abandon expectations, create a fissure in the screen, and transform physical spaces. I work to re-contextualize and rethink media and how images are presented, and am fascinated with "authenticity" and "the total experience".