Daniel May-Applegate has always walked both sides of the line with ease. He started at the Bemis School of Art in the 3rd grade, where he would leave elementary school early every Wednesday to spend the second half of the day in art classes. In high school, he was the captain of the hockey team and the one jock in all of the art programs transitioning from the studio to hockey practice. People never quite understood what seemed like dual identities, but that’s what has always worked best for Daniel. 

At the University of North Dakota, he studied entrepreneurship along with studio art, and soon discovered that he preferred the business side of the art world. Bouncing between ceramic, sculpture and traditional business classes Daniel noticed a disconnect between the artists desire to constantly be at work in the studio and the necessary, unavoidable business component of the art world. Aside from the artist creating masterful work, every artist must market and promote him or herself effectively. Although many artists would prefer to think otherwise, being a businessperson is just as essential to a successful career in the arts as developing unique ideas in the studio. Daniel understood how to identify and create this balance within the arts.

In his third year at North Dakota he met his future wife, Danielle, and moved to Florida where he finished college at the University of West Florida, and became the forth person to graduate from their Art Administration program. While in school, he worked at the university’s gallery as the exhibition assistant under established gallery director, Amy Bowman. Daniel worked on numerous exhibits and installs for well-known artists such as: Leslie Mutchler, Chad Curtis, Derek Coté and Craig Colorusso before graduating.  

  Daniel looks at art from both sides of the spectrum. From the artist working in his studio day and night putting finishing touches on a masterpiece, to the investor interested in being a part of something new and exciting while looking for that diamond in the rough. Daniel is dedicated to working with quality artists that will be the best investment for growth. He is a supporter for the arts, allowing the artist and collector to gain a broader perspective of how the business world can bring people together through art.